Review Nordland : European Paganism [Album] 2017

From The United Kingdom come the one man band ” Vorh ”  Nordland  with his new release, an Album of Pagan Black Metal . Formed in 2011. Well, the sound of this one man  band is at the edge between Pagan and Black Metal, melodic Death Metal and Thrash Metal, playing a little of each genre, and mixing as he like it. Vorh have good fundamentals and rudiments, good player of his instruments, with solid rhythmic skills, vocals have variety, with several voices, aggressive, guttural and blacky. The musicianship is cool as is the production. Taking in a darker and blackened approach with the vocals, ” The Mountain ”  is harsh and favorable, then you have ” A Burning Of Idols ”  which amplifies a scenario of you being trapped in a dark dank frost surrounded by evil and horror, a good sense of atmospherics I’ve found. Well, a good release for a good Vorh you are stuck in the mire and pretty much screwed and the pace generally matches the daily struggle of Paganism to the letter. Overall, the album is solid for what it is, and I feel that much excitement, you can come to expect such music through various sources in today’s market. That said, based on spinning earlier efforts, Vorh is developed and positioned where he is in the world, he have a complete different approach to extreme music . I do feel it’s an album the purists will enjoy, certainly not as a casual afternoons entertainment for the general Metal fan.that maybe have to get their style and define it a little. However we will spect for more releases and see his progression. Dynamic, aggressive and frightening to the uninitiated, Norland and ” European Paganism ” gives a strong showing. Whilst the mix may not be to everyone’s liking, it’s enough to capture to mood and strong rooted classic Black Metal stance that this one man band clearly find a fond influence. With less emphasis on a cleaner production, the album feels dirty, you won’t be able to wash away this blood curdling release in one sitting that’s for sure.


Band: Nordland
Release : European Paganism 
Year: 2017
Location: U.K   
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Format : CD , Digital 
Label : Satanath Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama


Line Up 
Vorh :  All instruments , Vocals


01. The Mountain
02. A Burning Of Idols
03. Rites At Dawn

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