Review Ironflame : Lightning Strikes The Crown [Album] 2017


Ironflame is a breath of fresh air in the current musical climate. Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of great music around but I feel a genuine excitement with this band as I feel there is a serious potential for a breakthrough album that will be a game changer and will push the Metal genre forward. ” Lightning Strikes The Crown ”  is the debut album into their career now . While there are sprinkles of influences throughout their songs the band doesn’t sound like anyone else. They are Heavy one minute, Speed Metal the next. There are hooks, melodies. There are progressive tracks like ” Fiestorm ” with its watchtower like off timing. Yet they never branch to far away from the core of what the song is about. There is never any drum fills or guitar twiddling just for the sake of it. The awesome title track ” March on ” which sees the band at their most accessible. There is so much going on with this album that it reveals something new with each listen. While the band is so versatile they are touring with a wider variety of bands which will also broaden their appeal. The album finishes with an awesome track ” Shadow Queen ”  in the parameters of the style of Ironflame , and this is a good thing. Of course the sound and production are perfect, and the artwork is in the line of  Heavy Metal bands of this moment. Well my friends, we have another band to follow closely and this is an album to enjoy. Get it ! All in all a great addition to an increasingly exciting body of work from one of Metal’s brightest hopes .


Band: Ironflame
Release : Lighting Strikes The Crown Album
Year: 2017
Location: U.S.A   
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama


Line Up
Andrew D’Cagna – All instruments, Vocals
Jim Dofka – Guitar solo (Tracks 1 & 6)
Aaron Carey – Guitar solo (Tracks 2 & 8)
Justin Wood – Guitar solo (Tracks 3 & 7)
Johnathan Crow – Guitar solo (Tracks 4 & 7)



  • Firestorm 
  • Marching On 
  • The Gorgon 
  • Heavy Metal Warriors 
  • Eternal Night 
  • Fallen Glory 
  • What We’ve Sown 
  • Shadow Queen

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