Review Voltax : No Retreat… You Surrender [Album] 2017


This April saw the release of Voltax’s ‘ No Retreat … You surrendre ‘. An album bred for the die-hard Speed Heavy Metak fanatics in the metal community. The ten tracks on this album are very Speedy , ranging from 5 to  28 minutes long each. Despite lengthy difficulties, the riffs are enormous – sometimes fuelled by a thickening groove, causing severe head bobbing to any Metal fan nearby. Contagious, they are followed by the frantic drums that often get drowned out in the mix, and  always sound too healthy. But raw and energetic is the game here, and that’s what the vocalist brings to the table. Brief shouts of rage that burst inbetween the fiery riffs , this is the result when punk fans and metal fans join forces. Traditional Heavy Metal, and adding doses of NWOBHM and classic Speed Metal, summarizes the Voltax sound and ” No Retreat … You Surrender ” They are not messing around this is Heavy Metal at its louder brutal and most technical. All members are at the peak of their individual performances and the song writing without a doubt pushes the genres envelope in terms of technicality. It has that mechanical feel where everything is locked down to the very last note. 

All in all if you like Traditional Heavy Metal you will love this, personally I’d like the songs to have had a bit more breathing space and the vocal’s have that screech going on pig squeal thing going on that so many modern bands do now and especially where the lyrics are so important with the running theme on the album, they would have benefited from being a bit more intelligible but that’s just my personal preference and it’s obvious the band have achieved what they set out to do. 

Band: Voltax  
Release : No Retreat …. You Surrender  
Year: 2017
Location: Mexico   
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label : Iron Shield Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama


Line Up

Jerry : Vocals
Diego : Guitars
Hector : Bass
Mario : Drums
Rich : Guitars

1. El fin 
2. Broken World 
3. This Void We Ride 
4. Deadly Games 
5. Go with Me 
6. Starless Night 
7. Night Lasts Forever 
8. Explota 
9. The Hero 
10. 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago cover) 

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