Review Crimson Caliber : Red Dawn Rising [EP] 2017


” Red Dawn Rising ” EP sounds exactly like Tharsh Metal should be. Heavy as it gets with the bass guitar, distorted and being way up front to the mix, giving the entire outcome this great Canadian Thrash sound. The songs though are grindcore as they can be. 6 songs in 21 minutes. How do you like that ? And not only in duration. I mean the guys literally breathe Thrash Metal even if this is expressed through a rabid blastbeat or an uptempo simple 4/4 beat. Everything here is material for immediate moshpit.  The music on this release takes me back to the days of the first Thrash Metal albums . The sonic obliteration of such a music will definitely have you sitting up and taking notice. Just to put it over the top there are also vibes here of Toxic Holocaust . There are a few times that the tone of the riffs take on an almost primal Speed Metal feel. While there are quite a few vibes going on as far as the guitar work goes, the drums are pretty standard to the genre with little to no deviation from track to track. So, I would gather to say that musically, with the exception of a few instances, this release is about as traditional to old school Speed / Thrash as you can get as the genre transcends into the new generations to come. As far as the vocals go, they sound like mixture of Thrash Metal screams . At first it was a little odd sounding but after listening to this release a few times, the vocal patterns really fit the given material. All in all, this release is about as “traditional” as you can get to the old school aspect of things as this genre transcends into the next generation. There is no doubt in my mind that, with all of the bands leading charge, you can bet that Crismon Caliber  will stake their claim with this EP being a definite “blueprint” of how Thrash Metal should sound for the bands who will follow.
Another greater great thing about Crimson Caliber  and it’s the mark of any good Metal band is that they are heavy without relying on speed or technicality. They focus on strong songs craftsmanship and emotion. It doesn’t automatically slot into a genre or any other box like so many of today’s releases (not saying it’s always a bad thing either) but they have their own sound and their debut EP is one of the most heaviest albums I’ve heard in recent times. Well worth picking up.

Band: Crimson Caliber  
Release : Red Dawn Rising   Album

Year: 2017
Location: Canada    
Genre: Thrash Metal

Label : Unsigned  
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Travis Malley – Vocals/Guitars
Amber Lowe – Bass
Sean McLean – Drums
1. Combat Ritual 
2. Dethception 
3. Noxious Breed 
4. Rude, Raw, Reckless 
5. Host of Your Demise
6. Nuke the Cross (Toxic Holocaust Cover – Bonus Track)

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