Review Lunar Shadow : Far From Light [Album] 2017


Lunar Shadow’s  mix of Heavy / Epic Metal reminds me more based on this album to earlier ones to latter Omen material. The melodies are cool, vocals are of course on top form. Some of the songs engage a little groove which doesn’t do a lot for me, but then you get to tracks like ‘Hadrian Carrying Stones’ and then the beers will flow in appreciation.
‘ They That Walk The Night ’ is busier in the riff department, whilst I hear older material from the vocal, there’s a more modern Heavy  Metal sound in the momentous pace of the tune overall with some of the chugging rhythms…however, the vocal melody I really love. The passion is transferred easily to the listener. ‘ Frozen Goddess ’ reminds me of the German Power metal sounds of the 80’s , I get that mainly from the strong vocal and overall happier nature of the rhythm .
After a few listens, I get this more than my initial impressions. Lunar Shadow have been loyal to their previous EP ‘s sounds and expanded their arsenal in terms of song writing. I’ve found this more a case with the vocal, but the marriage of melody and Heavy is pretty special. Well, what more can be said, another quality release from Germany’s Lunar Shadow.

Band: Lunar Shadow 
Release : Far From Light  Album

Year: 2017
Location: Germany  
Genre: Heavy Metal

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
A. Vornam : Vocals
Max ‘Savage’ Birbaum : Guitars
K. Hamacher : Guitars
S. Hamacher : Bass
J. Zehner : Drums
1. Hadrian Carrying Stones 
2. They That Walk The Night
3. Frozen Goddess
4. Gone Astray
5. The Hour Of Dying
6. The Kraken
7. Cimmeria
8. Earendil

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