Review Eternal Thirst : The Hellish Fight Goes [Album] 2017


Following on from their last release two years ago ,Etrenal Thirst now have their new album ” The Hellish Fight Goes ” ready to unleash. From the opener ‘ The One Who Fights Will Never Die ’ it’s clear there’s a Old school Heavy  Metal influence,  they are just not as noticable. The pace is mainly mid paced, although the fighting speed of the tracks  quickly rears itself to your attention. ‘Nail the Banner of War ’ has a lot of pinch harmonics and string bends, as does the slow groove that’s bestowed by the band. The guys are very good musicians and provide tons of smashing guitar riffs and technical drumming with numerous tempo changes.  The sound production is on a very good level and there isn’t really anything to criticise this album for. Lectern are a must hear for everyone who is into high quality Power Metal.There’s so many positives, so many pieces of music and variation in the arrangements to keep most if not all happy , I really like this album, it’s raw and furious . It’s short and sharp , there isn’t a wasted minute on the album. The band just burst in, kicks the shit out of you and leave you wondering what the hell just happened. Brilliant ! If you were a fan of the styel it’s just what you are hoping for.

Band: Eternal Thirst 
Release : The Hellish Fight Goes 

Year: 2017
Location: Chile  
Genre: Power Metal

Label : Metal On Metal Records
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Javier Alarcon (Guitar)
Hugo Sanchez (Guitar)
Rodrigo Contreras (Vocals)
Francisco Vera (Drums)
Hugo Alvarez (Bass)
1. The One Who Fights Will Never Die 
2. In League with One Who Has No Name
3. Anemas Dungeons 
4. All Beasts Arise 
5. Nail the Banner of War 
6. Power of Fire 
7. Into the Tower of Fear 
8. Breaking the Tomb 
9. Battalion 
10. Spears Instead of Hands 

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