Review Brain Damage : Why So Sober ? [EP] (2017)


This is Alcoholic Thrash Metal from Cosat Rica , a debut full EP ” Why So Sober ? ” that has many brutal elements to it, mainly due to the guitar sound and the riffs that come out. Certainly, bands like Sodom , Slayer and Tankard hold true, but also the thrashier elements of some VoiVod material, especially when you encounter the light and shade or rather clean and dirty stylistic mix of the vocals. 
‘ Why So Sober ? ‘ is very worthy of mention, this stands out for the variance and ease of flow of the music during the track. With topics such as ‘ Prisoners by Alcohol ‘ begins with a drum bet that could be a powerfull Thrashy track and then a sound using killer riffs  and off time drum patterns to get you thinking about what exactly is going on. The track itself is a mixed bag indeed. ‘ I’m Bitch’  holds more Death Metal  elements in the guitar sound too, it probably features as my standout track of the EP. With chaos comes redemption, after initial thoughts well received in my mind, and having now taken more time with this track and release overall, I see it for the positive merits that it holds. I think it’s very clever a little busy clever, but still, this is the style after all. There are some good sounds and an almost Brutal riff here and there that could make you march forward into the EP before being overcome by the musical variance that’s also contained within the track.
the EP is a fine debut, it’s hard to critique musicianship nowadays as the standard is very high, Eufobia have that high standard. Though I must confess not totally in owe with the style, the songs are well written and arranged in a way to make this great thinking music. A cool debut release full of ideas that are clearly growing as time passes.
The impact of thrash albums varies tremendously in terms of quality. This one has me smiling from start to finish from the first spin. When you include influences but spread your wings further to make the music your own, that the greatest reward a band can offer. Brain Damagae’s precision and recording crispness is of the highest order, of recent times, this is one of the most exciting Thrash albums I have heard. 

Band: Brain Damage 
Release : Why So Sober ? 

Year: 2017
Location: Costa Rica 
Genre: Thrash  Metal

Label : Unsigned 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Mario – Vocals
Javier – Bass Guitar
Brandon – Guitar
Allan – Guitar
Esteban – Drums 
1. Prisoners by Alcohol 
2. I’m Bitch 
3. Killing Beers 
4. Why So Sober ?

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