Review Metalized : Back to Metal [EP] (2017)


What we get here is five track of powerfull , heavy yet melodic Heavy  metal with a nice Hard Rock finish. If you take the vocals out of the equation it brings to mind early  Heavy Metal style vocals. Sounds good ? It fucking is ! The main riff that drives ” Back to Metal ” is absolutely superb ! ” Into the Fire ” captures wonderfully a melancholy during its quiet passage before exploding into action and again the use of melody adds to the heaviness wonderfully. I always listen to Heavy Metal  because most of the time it kick out me and it’s so good when a band like Metalized comes along and convinces me I should seek out more. The dirty bass riffs on’ is great but when it kicks in… delicious! One of the biggest things I noticed about this release is the lyrics and vocals. Héctor Núñez does an excellent job with the enunciation of the lyrics, and his ability to do so adds a certain depth to his vocal delivery

This EP is well worth picking up, five  awesome tracks with fantastic artwork. There’s lots of potential here and I look forward to a devastating full length from this mob soon !

Band: Metalized
Release : Back To Metal EP

Year: 2017
Location: Spain 
Genre: Heavy   Metal

Label : Unsigned .
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Héctor Núñez – Vocals
José Luís Anillo – All instruments
1. Back to Metal
2. Into the Fire
3. Corrupt Trash
4. Forsaken
5. Deadly Devotion

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