Review Buldy Gyres : Echoes Of A Distant Scream [Album] 2017


This is an unusual Album , as this is a American  Doom Metal band who are not spending all their time ranting about suicide or nihilism,  The first full-length effort from former Hallows Eve bassist Tommy Stewart. Powerful doom with a genuine sense of disorienting atmosphere. This album over time has become one of my favorite albums. It’s a well hidden gem in the Doom  Metal underground.  The riffs are pretty standard as far as the progressive andDoom  genres goes, and the mixtures of these two genres is an excellent mix of “give and take”. One does not overpower the other and it is easy to pick up on influences such as Black Sabbath ,, and other bands such as these. The solos seem to take on a somewhat progressive vibe with a thrash overtone  In all seriousness, the guitars work is absolutely insane! Everything is crisp and precise and spectacularly Doomed to give us all the highest level of quality musicianship that metal heads look for in bands like this. There is nothing really special about the drums, but the style played and the patterns chosen for this material is second to none. The pieces of this musical puzzle interlock perfectly and almost seamlessly. the vox sound  has a style that seems he incorporates a unity of progressive, Doom ,  metal styles and the outcome is a quite unique vocal delivery. I can’t really pinpoint any vocalist that sounds similar to Tommy . He’s really awesome ! This definitely won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re into any of the bands mentioned above, then chances are you’re going to love this band and album. One of the biggest things I noticed about this release is the lyrics and drums  .Bludy Gyres does an excellent job with the enunciation of the lyrics, and their ability to do so adds a certain depth to thei music delivery. This is a release that every Doom Metal fan should have in their collection just for the simple fact of its undeniable brutality alone. If the band keeps creating releases like this, there is no doubt that they will create a respected legacy in the metal underground. This is a fantastic record and I urge any Doom Metal fan to invest in this brilliant reissue it essential to your collection and for those who have it already I bought this new brilliantly Digital edition  so it’s well worth reinvesting also.


Band: Bludy Gyres 
Release : Echoes Of A Distant Scream 

Year: 2017
Location: U.S.A 
Genre:  Doom   Metal

Label : Soman Records 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
TOMMY STEWART : Bass, Vocals
To live is the bleed 
Kept Death Busy
Discipline Man
Defie The Lie
O.O. D  (Ogre Of Death)

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