Review Panikk : Discarded Existence [Album] 2017


Slovenia ‘s new generation of Thrash Metal troops have been making their way among us by way of a bunch of new quality Thrash acts and one that has impressed me quite a lot is this four-piece band from  Ljubljan, called Panikk . As the band’s name indicates loud and clear. After recording two albums and one EP, the band knew it was time for their first full-length studio album, so they packed up all their gear and headed their way to Soundsight Studio Hennef, and recorded this 9 song ” Discarded Existence ” , the first thing a casual listener is about to notice is that there’s actually a lot of Death Metal flavor in Panikk’s Thrash attacks, but with of a Punk vibe squeezed into the songs. I would even say that . Panikk haven’t quite managed to pen down their own ” Instigator of War”, although “Sedated in Utopia ” could be considered their best attempt, sticking out from the album as a really impulsive and catchy number overall. More confusion comes in when vocalist and guitarist Gašper Flere opens his mouth and starts doing the most impressive Brutal vocal cloning that I have ever heard.  Sometimes you get an extreme Metal album that is so pernicious that it makes you sit, riveted to your seat unable to escape what in essence is an auditory affront on your body and mind leaving you without doubt that you’ve heard one of the most depraved yet sonically satisfying albums that will be released this year.


Band: Panikk
Release : Discraded Existence 
Year: 2017
Location: Slovenia 
Genre:  Brutal Thrash  Metal
Label : Xtreem Music 
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama
Line Up
Gašper Flere : Guitars/Vocals
Jaka Črešnar : Guitars
Rok Vrčkovnik  : Bass
Črt Valentić : Drums
1. Instigator of War 
2. Sedated in Utopia 
3. Under Pretence 
4. Individual Right 
5. Rotten Cells 
6. Discarded Existence 
7. Eyes Don’t Lie 
8. Reconstruction 
9. Outro 

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