Exxplorer (US Metal , U.S.A) Interview

Interview with Lennie Rizzo

Hello ! How are you ? How are things over there ?

I am doing okay so far , you know tryin to live this crazy life 

Let us go to the beginning of the band. How and when did you decide to form or to join the band ?

The Beginning of Exxplorer started few years before I got in …I was singing in a coverband called Dreamer with Vito Bratta guirtar player of WhiteLion …When Dreamer was over I took lil break and shortly reserved a phone call from memebers of Exxplorer ..We spoke for lil while ,they sounded real kool and wanted me to come by for an Audition ,at this time they were in process of tracking for Symphonies of Steel ..I liked the guys we all clicked and music they were writing was pretty cool , I passed audition and joined XX .

What does the name “Exxplorer” stand for. What made you call the band “Exxplorer “?

The name Exxplorer was originally spelled Explorer ,myself to be very honest didn’t like the name at first ..I think at one time we wanted to change the name of band instead we added another X and so in became Exxplorer ,,as far as meaning you would have to ask one of the other guys .

Can you briefly introduce your band and who you are ?

Well my name is Lennie Rizzo I am the Ld Vocalist other members are Kevin Kennedy /Guitars,Ed Lavolpe /Guitars, Jimmy G./Bass and Mike S./Drums … Ambitions of this band was to record .

What was the ambitions of the band when you started ?

  … Ok Ambitions of this band ,to record and hopefully get signed and be Stars …lol I guess the same ambition as most bands .

How would you describe your band sound and which elements in your music do you thing make you stand ?

Our band sound , I guess Power Metal , I reckon what makes our form of Metal stand out is changes some of our songs go thru ,we can be basic but yet lil complex ….As far as Composition ,melodies ,lyrics and arrangements we all get invovled with that process..Each member of the band has input ,we all are vry creative creatures in one form or another ..As far as a new album ,it was in our ost recent plans ,however health issues have put us on a lil hold ..We do have enoughf material for another release..Me personally I hope so …

What bands and or musicians at a younger age influenced your style of play ?

 … As a youth myself I have so many influences ..I grew up in a great era ,during late 60’s and 70’s ..The influences are so Grand from Soul to Metal ..70’s Soul and Rock is my Fav , from Stylistics,Temptations,Teddy Pendergrass,Stevie Wonder to Bad Company,Sabbath,UFO ,Zepplin and AeroSmith….Just wayyyyy to much to mention …

Tell me about the band future ?

Band’s future ,well hopefully we get to lay down sum Killer Tracks the best of us ,,we will see…

Do you know that I’m the only Exxplorer Fan in Tunisia  , what do you think about it ? 

Tunisia ,, nis that right you are our only fan , well that Fucking  Sucks you better start spreading the word Brother ,,lol…..Hey me personally find it very,very cool we have you as a fan and friend even if its only one from your Country , Hell Yea !!! 

Do you have idea about Tunisia Metal scene ?

I really dont know much bout the Metal Scene in Tunisia, hopefully it lives there and its strong full of Metal Lovers and Warriors .

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you all the best…….

Bless you my Brother and thanks always for your support .

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama 

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