Bludy Gyres (Doom Metal , USA) Interview

Interview with Dennis Reid 

Hello. How are you ? How are things in ur bands at the moment ?

Hello Manef .Thank you for this opportunity. Things couldn’t be better. Our band Bludy Gyres just digitally released our first full length album “Echoes Of A Distant Scream on Soman Records with an upcoming CD and vinyl release to follow.

Would like us to talk a bit about your relases , Which were the difficulties that you had to confront during the songwriting and production process? Are you fully satisfied with this All ?

Funny you should ask. Tommy Stewart, who as you know is our vocalist, bassist, and producer of our album were just talking about this.We are all very in synch as musicians and have great chemistry. The songs seem to come together effortlessly. I’m completely satisfied with our finished album. Tommy put countless hours into producing it so he really had the difficult job.

Who writes the lyrics in the bands ? Can you tell us which the lyrical theme of each song that you have included in your album is ?

So far Tommy has written all the lyrics so he’d be the one to ask but I’ll tell you what I know. To Live Is To Bleed is based on an old Scottish ballad that was popularized by Sir Robert Burns in 1782. All his lyrics are based on his life experiences either real or metaphorical. O.O.D. is an ode to his former band mate and Atlanta metal legend Stephen Skullator Shoemaker.

So far what kind of reviews does your last album receive ? Which is the best comment that you have received so far ?

We’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews. My favorite comment so far was that we are powerful doom metal that disorients the listener.

Are you touring soon ?

Only locally now. Our next show is Feb. 25th in Atlanta for The Georgia Metal Alliance’s cancer benefit concert. We hope to do a more extensive tour later this year possibly next year. We’d love to tour Europe.

What bands and or musicians at a younger age influenced your style of play ?

I really began listening to Kiss, Black Sabbath, Rush and Led Zeppelin. Then it was band like Scorpions, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden. I really got heavy into punk also with bands like Sex Pistols, Misfits, Dead Kennedy’s and Bad Brains.

Can you describe G.M.A in some words ?

The Georgia Metal Alliance was founded in 2007 by Nik ”Bloodstorm” Damiani. We are the largest international H.M.C. ( Heavy Metal Club) in the world with multiple chapters in multiple countries. From our website :”Our sole purpose is to bring unity, support and strength to the Heavy Metal Underground subculture wherever we plant our flag and to especially support our local metal bands in our respective chapters.” Manef , Honestly being in the club really changed my life for the better. Nik has established something very special that I’ll forever be a part of.

Do you have idea about Tunisia Metal scene ? what youi think about Acier Doux ?

I’ll admit I don’t know a lot about the Tunisian metal scene other than it is growing. I think Acier Doux is great. Your skill at promotions and public relations and the way you help bands grow their fan bases internationally is very impressive.

Tell me about the bands future and your New project ?

Bludy Gyres  future looks promising. We hope the album does well so we can record and release future albums. My band Rust ‘n Thunder also hopes to record soon also and has an upcoming show in April so I’ll try to keep everyone updated on that.

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you all the best…….

Same to you brother. I really appreciate you thinking enough of me and the band to ask me to do this. I hope everyone that buys our album enjoys it and knows how much it means to us. Also, anyone that wants to find out more about joining the Georgia Metal Alliance should check out our website. G.M.A

Interviewer Med Manef Slama 

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