Review Antagonist : Bombs Of Heads [EP]


We all know that Thrash Metal is directly responsible for the advent of black metal. However, the genre has evolved so much, that they are now independent genres having almost nothing in common.  Antagonist  coming with their Bombs Of Heades  Demo finds a somewhat perfect balance between them.  Bombs  of  Hades proves that Thrash/Black can be one hell of an experience when done rightly. This demo is what gavethe band the recognition it deserved in the black metal underground. The song structures can seem minimalistic at first, but after repeated listens one will find the song writing really intriguing. The album employs  thrashy riffs adorned with groovy passages and interludes. Dangerously chaotic drumming takes the songs to new highs of raw brutality. Check out the drumming in the songs “Thrashing Bastards ” and “MorderBande” and you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping through your system. The package is completed with a real pissed off vocalist. The Demo is gravely hell-bent on spitting hate on the mic. And of course, the production is raw and ugly, distorting the tracks and adding that menacing blackened vibe to it. All these musical ingredients bring about an assortment of ugly emotions which take turns surging upon the body without any care for your health.

Band : Antagonist
Release :  Bombs Of Heads
Country : Essen , Germany
Genre : Thrash / Black Metal
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama


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