Stryctnyne (Heavy Metal , U.S.A) Interview

Interview with  Samson James

Hello. How are you ? How are things in the stryctnyne’s camp at the moment ?

Hello my friend thanks for the interview-stryctnyne is working hard getting our additional member[craig piano] prepared for the cd release party scheduled for sat 6/17/17 at 89 north music venue in Patchogue New York  .

Ok this is our first interview , So let us speak a bit about the band’s past. Who and when had the idea to form this band ?

The band was formed by Samson James and G.Cyco in the early 80’s that started as a local high school band playing school gyms, keg parties, and local gatherings.the band always had and still has a loyal following to this day that continues to support us and spread our disease .the band really took off to a worldwide audience after our singer [John Scacco] and drummer [Mike Sabatino] joined the band and recorded our first demo.another demo was also recorded and this is how anthology album came about with stormspell records a independent label from california usa.this contract is expired-the band is free to do as they wish with the songs on this cd.

Is your new release a concept album too ? Do you continue the story that you started in your debut release? If yes will you continue the story in the next releases of yours ?

Stryctnyne has no format as to how and what songs we record.we have a library full of music that needs to be recorded and shared with the world.we are disciples of  Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and we record whatever songs we choose at the time.

I wonder if you listen to your new release Stryctnyne immediately after you finish it or do you give it some time before listening to it ? 

When you record,you hear the songs over and over again  frontwards,backwards sideways’s like water torture.sometimes it’s best you walk away and get freash ears cause you get burned out.when you come back to the studio you repeat the process and continue to do so untill all members agree we have a finished project for the most part.sometimes budget becomes a factor and you can’t keep on nit-picking but try to get as close to perfection at the same time with all members ok with it.

Is there anything that you would like to do differently, now that your album is finished ?

I think we covered it all with “Unfinished Business” available from our website or sold at our shows.this is also available from cdbaby , amazon , itunes and such for downloads.

I know that imagination is a vast field, but realism always comes to put a limit to it. Did you make any compromises in the creation of your new album ?  If yes , can you explain to us what kind of compromises you’ve made ?

There is no compromises with Stryctnyne -we write and record what we want.we are already in pre-production for another cd estimated early 2018.

Are you a band that works based on a plan or do you confront things as they come day by day ?

We have a plan of attack,but sometimes life throws you a few curveballs and we adjust accordingly without losing focus of our planned outcome.this band has defeated adversity a few times.we are very blessed with our career day jobs and not dependent on music as our source of income-any money goes right back into the band.the music industry is not what it once was.torrent websites steal your music the next day you have music makes you wonder why do you even do this-the band is a money pit-i guess we do it as our love for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music. Stryctnyne would like their music shared around the globe and let it be known there music comes from a band from long island ny usa called “Stryctnyne” that are hard rockin’ Metal warriors disciples of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Which Metal albums do you listen to these days the most ? Are there any new releases that you would like to recommend to us ?

Stryctnyne recommends “Unfinished Business” by Stryctnyne this is a 12 song a killer no filler cd you can crank from track#1 to track#12.the band is looking for a label to pick up this cd with a short term proposal/agreement.the band can be reached on the bands website and facebook page by private messenging us our website and   Facebook Page .

Thanks for your time  answering my questions. please put your own epilogue to this interview….

Thanks again for the interview please spread our disease regards.

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama

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