Heretic (Experimental Oriental Metal , Brazil) Interview

Interview with Guilherme Aguiar

Hello. How are you ? How are things in ur bands at the moment ?

Hey ! Things are great! Working hard to get the best results as possible! Bands are giving their best at the studio, live or any other place we go with our music !

Would like us to talk a bit about your relases , Which were the difficulties that you had to confront during the songwriting and production process ? Are you fully satisfied with this All ?

Well, to produce heavy music I think is hard everywhere. But it worth a lot. The composing process is kinda fast for me. I sit by myself and do all the rythmn parts. Every riff, every fill and song structure I do it myself. It just flows easily. For me to release an album, I must be fully satisfied! If I am not, I just wait a bit more, re-think things and release on its apropriate time.

Who writes the lyrics in the bands ? Can you tell us which the lyrical theme of each song that you have included in your Last album is ?

The lyrics are written by Erich Martins, in Portugal. I come with the instrumental parts and we spend hours in Skype to adjust for his melodic way of think. The lyrical themes are kinda surprise right now! Let’s wait its release and the songs will tell you by themselves. Actually, we’ve just finished recording the last couple of songs, and very soon it’s gonna be released by Soman Records worldwide.

So far what kind of reviews does your last album receive? Which is the best comment that you have received so far ?

People seem to like our work. The last 3 albuns were instrumental and people took an effort to listen to them and I only heard good reviews! I have a blast with this! The next album, called To The False, it’s our first experience with vocals, and I’m really looking forward to people listen to this.

Metal Fans still love what you are made ?

Sure! Specially the Black Metal scene, can you believe that ? I really don’t know why, but I’m so thankful for that! It’s kinda a weird style, you know, heavy music mixed with oriental influences mixed with death, thrash and so on… I like it!

Are you touring soon ?

With Heretic no. But on March I start a Brazilian tour with a death metal band called Armum. The road blows!

What bands and or musicians at younger age influenced your style of play ?

Well, none of a younger age. I like the old school. Morbid Angel, Ravi Shankar, Melechesh, Slayer and so on…

Did you heard about G.M.A ?

I have not much information about G.M.A to be honest, but so far they are doing a great job promoting bands, albuns and new stuff on Facebook ! I clearly can see it!

Do you have an idea bout Tunisian Metal scene ? what youi think about Acier Doux Works ?

I like to listen to folk Tunisian music. In Metal, no doubt at all that Myrath is a great influence for Heretic and the scene in general ! Acier Doux Works is a great partner in promoting bands, and surely we’ll make this music cross some boundaries !

Tell me about the bands future and your New project ?

Heretic is soon to release the album To The False with a video called Unobtanium. This is the first video of 4 from this album. We have Soman Records with us and we wish to play around promoting this and the last 3 albuns!

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you all the best. Please close the interview in any way you like…

I thank you for the opportunity to talk a little bit about Heretic! Stay tuned on Spotify and all the platforms! Soon this brand new album will be available! Thanks Soman Records, G.M.A, Acier Doux  and all the fans worlwide who support our work! Wait for a killer album !!

Interviewer : Med Manef Slama

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