Day: March 3, 2018

Review Pandemia : Behind Enemy Lines [Album] 2018

Review This Spanich Thrash act made their mark on the scene in 2009 with a bruising album titled ‘Destino Letal’ containing eight tracks of high velocity riffing and insanely swift tempos as the band now assails us with their second full length ‘ Behind Enemy Lines ‘ that erupts into life, after a short brooding intro piece, . The tracks maniacal speed has that out of control factor on the drumming […]

Anihilated (Thrash Metal , U.K) Interview

Interview with Simon Cobb  Hello ! How are you? How are things over there ? Let us go to the beginning of the band. How and when did you decide to form or to join the band ? Hi !! its fine over here in the uk. Bod, our drummer formed the first incarnation of the band “The Anihilated” in his bedroom in 1981. I joined in 1982. I was really […]