Review Pandemia : Behind Enemy Lines [Album] 2018


This Spanich Thrash act made their mark on the scene in 2009 with a bruising album titled ‘Destino Letal’ containing eight tracks of high velocity riffing and insanely swift tempos as the band now assails us with their second full length ‘ Behind Enemy Lines ‘ that erupts into life, after a short brooding intro piece, . The tracks maniacal speed has that out of control factor on the drumming which is as relentless as it is technical within the confines of the bands authentic old school Thrash Metal approach. The music has a scorching riff and subsequent speed that favours intermittent blasting spliced with double bass rolls that inject colossal density  as a whole. Vocally the guy sounds like he’s gargling on barbed wire on the higher tone end as opposed to the low guttural bellows which are some of the deepest I’ve heard in a while. 

Band: Pandemia
Album:  Behind Enemy Lines
Year: 2018
Location: Spain
Genre: Thrash Metal 
Record Label : Unsigned/independent
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up
Rober : Guitars/Vocals
Eder: Guitars
Tatu: Bass Rubén: Drums


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