Review Hell Patröl : Leather And Chrome [Album] 2018


German Speed metallers Hell Patröl return with another half hour offering of abrasive down and great Speed Metal album which is so tharshy it feels like the band buried the album for a year and dug it up again before releasing it !

It may take some time to catch on, but once it does, you will find that this release will get a good deal of play time in your CD player ! The riffs here seem to be rooted in traditional 90’s Speed Metal, however, they are performed with an immense passion for true Heavy Metal and things beyond. If you are into the riffing styles of Acid , Living Death , JP,  and other bands such as these, this release is for you. Definitely cold, raw, and unforgiving. The drum work here is pretty insane. Pure chaos seems to be the only intent here, and I really feel the integrated intensity grow. Then it will stop, much like the symptoms of an introverted insanity. Not sure what the band is going for, but it is unique and quite unnerving. An ever so slight rumble compliments this aural blasphemy. Almost as if to let you know that the gnawing in the back of your mind is not without merit. Yes, something is there waiting to consume you. 


Band: Hell Patröl
Album:  Leather And Chrome
Year: 2018
Location: Germany
Genre: Speed Metal
Record Label : Unsigned/independent
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama

Line Up

Domaniac – Vocals , Bass Christian – Guitars  , Nico – Guitars Flobo – Drums


  1. Still Flyin’
  2. Speed Demons Rise
  3. Don’t Panic
  4. The Gunslinger
  5. Coming Home
  6. Death From The Sky
  7. Tear Down The Wall
  8. Regicide
  9. Millennial Speed Metal
  10. Magnificent

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