Review Dam – Age : 13 Bullets In My Head [EP] 2018


From Ukrain comes Dam – Age with their debut release “13 Bullets In My Head”. The EP is a Four tracks set of very good Thrash Metal in the vein of their compatriots Slayer and Exodus (without ultratechnical parts) or OverKill . We are talking about powerfull riffs with a demolition drumming, fast bass drums and blastbeats, very good and hard lines of bass guitar, and aggressive and brutal voices. They have all the ingredients for a perfect EP filled with NWOTM elements , and of course they have got it, with some touches of Speed Metal.

The sound of the EP is clear, hard, and all instruments are presents and sharp. A very good talented band which deliver a fine EP , Just perfect !!

 Band: Dam – Age
Album:  13 Bullets In My Head
Year: 2018
Location: Ukraine
Genre: Thrash Metal
Record Label : Unsigned/independent
Reviewer : Med Manef Slama


1. Pack Of Lies
2. 13 Bullets In My Head
3. Corruption Overkill
4. Pain Of Vultures


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