Vicious Knights ( Thrash Metal , Greece ) Interview

Interview with Antony Andreadakis

Welcome to Acier Doux , Vicious Knights formed in 2016 , do you think a lot has changed in the industry since then ?

Hello Acier Doux and thank you for having us in your webzine.Well as we see it, since 2016 nothing much has changed in the industry, its pretty much the same for the last 5 years.

Has the underground scene changed at all ?

As far as Greece is concerned there are always new bands coming up, that most of them play very good and have their own style. Worldwide underground scene is always advancing , but we see no big difference anyhow.

What was your vision when starting this band ?

Our vision was, is , and will be the same. Playing our music all around the world.

You have included quite a few influences on your debut EP ” Malevolent Spirits ” , were these bands the main source of inspiration, or do you have others ?

Some of our big influences are bands like Destruction(84-86) , Kreator(84-87) , Sepultura(84-87) etc. but we are influenced by many genres of Metal and Punk music.

How long did the recording take ? What was the hardest part to record and why ?

The recordings took place between the Fall of 2017 and ended the winter of 2018. The hardest part was the drumming and bass sessions because of our little experience in this genre,but they ended up sounding good afterall.

Did you take songs into the studio with you or did you write as you were recording ?

All the songs were written before the recordings.

Do you have a message to your music ?

Our message is : We play fast, we play crazy, we don’t give a shit. VICIOUS THRASHING DEATH.

What do you make of the current music scene, especially for the style that you obviously enjoy ?

We believe that are many bands out there that play similar music and try their best to improve our scene, however it does not only depent on the bands themselves, but the promoters and the record companies too.

For new potential listeners Vicious Knights, what can people expect ?

They can expect something new, something fresh and as always PURE VICIOUS THRASH.

Interviewer : SpeedSkullCrusher


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