Review Unitra : Lock Up Your Daughters [Album] 2018


Violence, Speed and Momentum !!
let’s take reference  of iconics bands to listen to this band belonging to the UK NWOTHM, has a sound compared to bands like Enforcer or Hallows Eve , but they have a fresh Melodic Thrash Metal. touch and part of great speed Metal too. I personally like a work like this for an album of this year (´18) is something that we can say is cool in its own way and it’s great ! Badass and kickass great harmony in their guitars is a trio and it is still powerful the ability of “Max speed” to play the bass and sing and not lose coordination or strength in the voice is amazing a drum that marks the times well and is powerful at the same time in charge of “Marty Jupiter” the work of the riffs are powerful great contribution of “ben cross” . The lyrics are total rebellion, something great since they are not a “cliche” guitar solos well marked, , a great band that we can expect more great albums like this one on the future keeping the old school Metal alive.

Band: Unitra
Album: Lock Up Your Daughters
Year: 2018
Location: U.K
Genre: Heavy Metal
Record Label : Independent
Reviewer : Luciano T Stryker 

Line Up
Max Speed – Vocals, Bass
Ben Cross – Guitars
Marty Jupiter – Drums

1. UNITRIUM (The Heaviest Of Heavy Metals)
2. Enforcer
3. Violent Storm
4. Total Annihilation
5. Tyrant Rex
6. (We Are) UNITRA
7. American Girl (Bonus Track)

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