Review Black Hole : Lost World [Album] 2018


From France,Black Hole has arrived a good level band talking about Melodic/Progressive Power Metal a very good job in this new album, elaborated on a melodic level which I will emphasize in this review . They have a great job in arpeggios and changes of time, both the work of keyboard and guitars are powerfull and by this I mean they know when to go from the harmonic to the aggressive in an instant It is a good combination, just and necessary.
We have a voice quite elaborate this album is to listen to it 2 minimally to be able to understand well how its music is composed , ”Lost world” offers us a great melodic contribution and good quality Power Metal riffs and thunderous solos, a fairly complete work that covers everything necessary to be a good record the lyrics are pretty good they are catchy like in the case of “Help Me” or we have cases like in “The one” that personally made me remember that magical touch Hammerfall has. A good record if you like the Melodic Power Metal, to take it into account !

Band: Black Hole
Album: Lost World
Year: 2018
Location: France
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Progressive Metal
Record Label : Via Nocturna.
Reviewer : Luciano T Stryker

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