Day: May 31, 2018

New Release : Akhenaten – Golden Serpent God [USA]

Genre: Black / Death Metal with Middle Eastern Folk                             Origin: Manitou Springs, Colorado Label: Cimmerian Shade Recordings Lyrical Themes: Mesopotamian themes Tracklist 01. Amulets Of Smoke And Fire 02. Dragon Of The Primordial Sea 03. Throne Of Shamash 04. Through The Stargate 05. Erishkigal: Kingdom Of Death 06. Pazuzu: Harbinger Of Darkness 07. Akashic Field: Enter Arcana Catacombs 08. God Of Creation 09. Sweat Of The […]

Review Enemynside : Dead Nation Army [EP] 2018

Review The first time I heard this EP I was highlighted by some things instantly .Mainly the influences to bands like Metallica (lyrically) Antrax in some of its cuts or Exodus itself On a milder level but on the second time I could understand the identity of these Italians they work a Thrash Metal more quiet, with some heavy guitars at the command and some pretty catchy choruses .What does […]