Review Lizzy Borden : My midnight Things [Album] 2018


Exceptional, divine, unique !!

One of the reviews that I hope so much to do, an album that I so longed to listen to after 11 years, Lizzy Borden brings us a new work, and what a good a record!Somewhat personal this review, following the work they did, and the day this album came out, I sat in my living room with a glass of wine, I opened my malbec “Los arboles de navarro straps” cross your legs and close your eyes , that’s when I started to feel that power and the magic that surrounded him, I can say that this album has soul, has a heart, has everything that a good fan of lizzy borden can appreciate as it is the case , I listened to it 7 or 8 times to be able to make a review that this album deserves And guess what ?! It has its seal has the style and blood that lizzy always puts in their works As a great professional is impeccable and we start from the point that the first thing that this album offered us was “My midnight things” something that gave us a tremendous hype and it was not for not failing us, MMT gave us that classic touch that Lizzy always offers us what I like to call it in the following way “that obsessive touch” is so perfect original and revealing as at the same time it has that perfect rhythm that makes it electrifying, we have a lot to talk about this album which I directly qualify as ” Exceptional, divine and unique “the Harges brothers bring us pure gold, they DO NOT bring us that classic american metal we are used to, but they bring us sticky melodies, they bring us deep lyrics, a work of art in every way and they bring us a fresh sound …. Something that personally makes me feel identified is this album, then we met “long may they haunt us” another great song, which does not take long to get into my brain and start humming it constantly, from the lyrics to the melodies everything fits perfectly as if it was a well-armed puzzle, but let’s not stay here, let’s continue, “the perfect poison me” touches the depths of every fiber of my being, it is an impeccable composition, the band takes on another air a necessary air if they have to ask me, with its characteristic stamp and changes of rhythms everything that must have a great harmony in this process of abrupt change, to this I refer with the DIVINE.

“Run away with me” another emotion that gives me, give those peculiar desires to shake the head and freeze the time is as if everything stopped on my eyes, perfect here I find the EXCEPTIONAL.

Now without further delay we go to what are the “Reprises” we have two in this case!

“My midnight things” and “long may haunt us” is the ONLY of this record and where we can appreciate the pure soul of what is lizzy borden 100% these works fit perfect to be ballads, I can not say anything about this, only positive things, a great work is a great album, including its bonus track and others, there is no waste.

Clarified of what I think of this great album, there is only one thing left and it is to listen to it. I hope it will please my opinion and long life to the American Metal !



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