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Vicious Knights ( Thrash Metal , Greece ) Interview

Interview with Antony Andreadakis Welcome to Acier Doux , Vicious Knights formed in 2016 , do you think a lot has changed in the industry since then ? Hello Acier Doux and thank you for having us in your webzine.Well as we see it, since 2016 nothing much has changed in the industry, its pretty much the same for the last 5 years. Has the underground scene changed at all ? As […]

Anihilated (Thrash Metal , U.K) Interview

Interview with Simon Cobb  Hello ! How are you? How are things over there ? Let us go to the beginning of the band. How and when did you decide to form or to join the band ? Hi !! its fine over here in the uk. Bod, our drummer formed the first incarnation of the band “The Anihilated” in his bedroom in 1981. I joined in 1982. I was really […]

Sever The Wicked (Heavy Metal , U.S.A) Interview

Interview with John Thompson First of all I’d like you to fill us in on what’s happening in the Sever the Wicked camp at the moment ? Currently we are in the writing and recording of our future album while still playing shows representing the gma. Please point out the most important moments and experiences you’ve had with the band thus far, be them good or bad. What made you form […]

Stryctnyne (Heavy Metal , U.S.A) Interview

Interview with  Samson James Hello. How are you ? How are things in the stryctnyne’s camp at the moment ? Hello my friend thanks for the interview-stryctnyne is working hard getting our additional member[craig piano] prepared for the cd release party scheduled for sat 6/17/17 at 89 north music venue in Patchogue New York  . Ok this is our first interview , So let us speak a bit about the […]