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New Release : Akhenaten – Golden Serpent God [USA]

Genre: Black / Death Metal with Middle Eastern Folk                             Origin: Manitou Springs, Colorado Label: Cimmerian Shade Recordings Lyrical Themes: Mesopotamian themes Tracklist 01. Amulets Of Smoke And Fire 02. Dragon Of The Primordial Sea 03. Throne Of Shamash 04. Through The Stargate 05. Erishkigal: Kingdom Of Death 06. Pazuzu: Harbinger Of Darkness 07. Akashic Field: Enter Arcana Catacombs 08. God Of Creation 09. Sweat Of The […]

New Release : Kalmah – Palo [FI]

Genre: Melodic Death / Power Metal Origin: Oulu                                                                                   Label: Spinefarm Records Lyrical Themes: Politics, Personal struggles, Swamps, History, Hunting, Fishing Tracklist 01. Blood Ran Cold 02. The Evil Kin 03. The World Of […]

New Release : Kamelot – The Shadow Theory [U.S.A]

Genre: Progressive/Melodic Power Metal                                                Origin: Tampa, Florida Label: Napalm Records Lyrical Themes: Fantasy, Medieval, Philosophy Disc I 01. The Mission 02. Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire) 03. RavenLight 04. Amnesiac 05. Burns To Embrace 06. In Twilight Hours 07. Kevlar Skin 08. Static 09. MindFall Remedy 10. Stories Unheard 11. Vespertine (My Crimson Bride) 12. The Proud And The Broken […]

New Release :The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom [SW]

Genre: Melodic Death / Thrash Metal                                                                Origin: Trollhättan Label: Metal Blade Records Lyrical Themes: Death, Anti-Religion, Satan Tracklist 01. Destroyed By Madness 02. Iron Crown 03. In The Name Of Death 04. We Avenge! 05. Cobra Speed Venom 06. World War Machine 07. Necrohammer 08. Rise In […]

New Release : Susperia – The Lyricist [NO]

Genre: Melodic Thrash Metal                                                     Origin: Haslum Label: Agonia Records Lyrical Themes: Internal struggles, Relationship issues, Life Tracklist 01. I Entered 02. Heretic 03. The Lyricist 04. My Darkest Moment 05. Day I Died 06. Void 07. Feed The Fire 08. Whore Of Man 09. Come Alive The Lyricist by Susperia

New Release : Veiled – Black Celestial Orbs [USA]

Genre: Black Metal Origin: Pennsylvania                                                          Label: Iron Bonehead Productions Lyrical Themes: Cosmic mysticism, Darkness Tracklist 01. Luminous 02. Portal 03. Shrouded 04. Omnipotent 05. Black Celestial Orbs I 06. Black Celestial Orbs II Veiled – Black Celestial Orbs by Iron Bonehead Productions