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Review Sue’s Idol : Six Sick Senses [Album]

Review From the first notes that you will listen to Six Sick Senses Album , you will realize that Sue’s Idol  move into the raw Speed / Heavy  Metal sound as it was formed in the 80’s . I am sure that if it was released back then it would be described as the first wave of the Power Metal era . All the songs that areincluded here have a strong l […]

Review Ex Deo : The Immortal Wars [Album]

Review Ex Deo is back with their  full length album The Immortal Wars . And while they’re still moving between the borders of The Epic Roman Metal and Death metal, there’s changed something as well. They have well done…. The music has developed to a profound style, but this album really stands out by it’s lyrics. The songs are about the Carthagian Empire and This maked me very excited to review […]

Review Antagonist : Bombs Of Heads [EP]

Review We all know that Thrash Metal is directly responsible for the advent of black metal. However, the genre has evolved so much, that they are now independent genres having almost nothing in common.  Antagonist  coming with their Bombs Of Heades  Demo finds a somewhat perfect balance between them.  Bombs  of  Hades proves that Thrash/Black can be one hell of an experience when done rightly. This demo is what gavethe band the […]

Review Vulture’s Vengeance : Where the Time Dwelt In [EP]

Review Vulture’s Vengeance, Italian band that debuts with this ep titled “Where the time dwelt in”. With only five songs are presented in an extraordinary way, listening to their music is traveling in a war tank crushing posers. “End of the void” open the Ep, a well-armed, dark and twisted instrumental, but with “A course from obsidian realm” is that the band teaches all its power, with Iron Maiden’s  style […]

Review Deathinition : Online [Album]

Review Deathinition was born in 2008 with hope of resurrecting the Metal scene in Bydgoszcz. Igor, the singing guitarist decided to shape his vision of a thrash band, that he had cherished for a few years. Deathinition played many important gigs with Death Angel, Hirax, Assassin, Helstar, Vicious Rumors, NWOTM bands from all over the world (Bonded By Blood, Fueled By Fire, Violator, Andralls, Suicidal Angels) Eastern groups (Hellon , Fragile Art, […]

Review Mortal Strike : For the Loud and the Aggressive [Album]

Review Mortal Strike formed in Autumn 2009 in the great city of Vienna,Austria. The 5 boys with the different countries of origin   only had one goal: To make the music that they all loved.    Within a short time they started making a name for themselves in the Vienna Metalscene, as an innovative and highly live-fit combo. Their style has many influences of the oldschool thrash bands Sodom and Kreator, and […]

Review Acrania : Fearless [Album]

Review Acrania is a good Band coming from Mexico  playing and Combinated much Death Metal riffs  with awesome Afro Cuban sounds, twisted riffing, Jazz-like ambiances, and an unparalleled use of brass instrumentation. Bearing all this in mind, it becomes obvious why they chose to name of their latest album Fearless was realsed in 2105 . Fealess Album is a very fast, in-your-face style of technical melodeath with plenty of Death Metal thrown in […]

Review Don’t Drop The Sword : Into The Fire [EP]

Review Fronted by ex-Improved Gods singer ‘Anti’ and enforced by the remains of Distorted Perfection, ‘Don’t Drop The Sword’ resurrects well-known individuals from the local underground scene. In addition, highly talented newcomers complete this new force to be reckoned with. ‘Don’t Drop The Sword’ stands for fast and epic old-school power metal. Time seems to stand still in the eyes of the true believer , If you ask me for a […]

Review War Device : Infinite Chaos [Album]

Review War Device was formed in Serres back in 2012 by Manos Moutaftsis, Sotiris Simeonidis And Makis Arampatzis.War Device consist of Mario Dogwar (Vocals), Sotiris Simeonidis (Guitars), Manos Triantafillou (Guitars), Giannis Maleas (Bass) and Manos Moutaftsis (Drums). The band counts one EP “The Anger” (self-released), one split cd with Speed Command (released by American Line Productions) and one full length album “Whisper Of Souls” (released by Rock Of Angels Records). […]

Review Attomic Soldier : In Mental Prison [Album] 2017

Review Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Attomic Soldier formed in 2009 under the name Soldado Nuclear before changing name in 2014 with the release of their “Rotting Bullet” demo. Attomic Soldier takes the old-school thrash sound and exploits it for their debut album “In Mental Prison”, influences from bands ranging from Slayer, Overkill, and some Crossover Thrash are strewn throughout the entire album in furious riffs and blistering solos. Diego […]